The Whole Autism Family run a variety of different projects to support our members and families. Below you will find details regarding each of these.

Support Group Sessions

Lego Session

During term time we run a regular support group session. The dates of these sessions can be found on our calendar page.

This can be attended by anyone who has a family member who has an Autism Spectrum condition. For more information about when group is running please visit our Facebook page. The group provides a friendly, informal atmosphere for parents and family members to chat and share experiences. We also have professional guests on a regular basis who offer support and information about a variety of services.

After School Sessions

Do you struggle to entertain the children after school, well why not pop along to one of our after school sessions aimed at children on the spectrum (siblings are also welcome). We quick identified that the traditional after schools session may not be suitable to some children on the spectrum. Our sessions aim to give you child the opportunity to take part in a range of activities they may otherwise not participate in, it's also a chance to met up with other families in a similar situations . Parents are encouraged to help and support their children. We currently offer two after school session during term time.

Lego Sessions

Lego sessions run on a Tuesday afternoon from 4:30pm - 5:30pm.

Our lego sessions offer a great opportunity to engage in social activities, meet new friends and build with our fantastic lego kits working as individuals or as part of team. We do ask a small donation of £2.

Music Sessions

We also offer a Music session on Thursdays on a fortnightly basis. (Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month)

Our music session offers a fantastic opportunity to engage in social activities, build on listening skills and turn taking and learn new songs and experiment with all the instruments, it offers an amazing sensory experience!


Make sure to keep an eye on our calendar.

Lego Session Music Session

The Whole Autism Family Days

Our Family Fun Team runs several Family Days throughout the year. Family Days are aimed at families who have a child with autism and can be attended by the whole family. Often, grandparents, aunties and uncles attend along with the parents and children (including siblings).

Family Days take place at a range of different venues from our local sure start centres in to day trip out.

Venues are chosen specifically with the needs of the young people in mind and are an opportunity for the whole family to get together, share experiences and make happy memories. They are all about having fun with entertainment, educational opportunities, support and relaxation, in an autism friendly environment.

We offer a number of activities including trips out to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Kirklees Light Railway, The Deep and Stockeld Park.

We also offer sensory toys or a have access to a sensory room in order for the children to relax and balance their senses, if over or under stimulated. We sign post activities and amenities, both visually and in writing and give an overview of what will happen on the day, to cut down on surprises!

We offer opportunities for children to develop social skills in a non-threatening environment, via activities and games involving turn taking and sharing.

Sibling Support Sessions

A diagnosis of autism in the family can have a huge impact on the child's siblings. Our support session will be delivered as workshops, specifically for siblings of individuals with autism.

Similar to Family Day activities, these sessions:

  • Provide an opportunity to meet other siblings of individuals with Autism.
  • Offer the chance to discuss problems and concerns - they can be open and honest in a non-judgmental environment.
  • Involve a range of activities
  • Reduce social isolation
  • Provide opportunity for parents to have spend time with their child with autism
  • Increase siblings' confidence and offer learning around strategies to cope with issues that arise.

We have identified that Autism has an impact on the whole family, The Whole Autism Family now works closely with young carers project that works with Kirklees.

Again keep an eye on our calendar page to keep up to date with all upcoming events.