Campaign for Change to Waiting Times

As you may have seen on our news page we have been quite vocal in our criticism of Kirklees Council and the waiting times for achieving an autism diagnosis, with this we have started a campaign to reduce the waiting times with Kirklees. It’s an important way for us to remind the government and local Clinical Commissioning Groups of the personal impact of delayed diagnosis on people with autism and their families.

"I don't want anyone else to have to go through the years of uncertainty and helplessness that we experienced. I hope our presence today will make the Government realise how delayed diagnosis can damage lives and prevent people with autism reaching their full potential.”

On Sunday 15th November, campaigners gathered wearing matching t-shirts displaying the years they’ve each waited for an autism diagnosis to send a clear message to end the wait straight to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Now it’s time for you to add your voice.

Thanks to your campaigning, Autism is one of the areas that the Government is considering telling the NHS in England to focus on. They are currently asking for your views on this.

You can complete this form to tell them to prioritise autism diagnosis waiting times.

You can find out more about our campaign and sign our online petition through our 38Degrees page.