Asking for help

Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is ask for support .

Reaching out for support is not easy . 

We are taught to be independent and self realiant, these are beautiful qualities to have .

We have the strength to handle Whatever life throws at us and get the sll those jobs completed, to stand on around 2 feet with confidence .

Asking for support does NOT take away from from that strength and resiliency.

Asking for support does NOT make us weak or unworthy.

I understand that there may be a part of us all that wants to do things for ourselves .
That part of ourselves as a protector. 
That part does not want us to rely on other people out of fear of disappointment.That part serves a purpose and a high function and I acknowledge and appreciate that part.

Excepting support does not erase ,rather it simply create space for more parts and more possibilities. 
Accepting support strengthens us and our connections in the long run . 
Again we can do anything on our own , I’m not saying that we can’t. 

I am opening up the possibilities that 
we simply don’t have to. 
Anne -Marie