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October 10, 2020

World Mental Health Awareness Day 2020

At The Whole Autism Family, we not only offer support and guidance relating to all things autism but we also help support parents / carers look out for their own mental health . As we have identified that carers can be more at risk of developing a mental health illness . 

This mental health awareness week is an opportunity to raise awareness for mental health, alongside so many other fantastic advocates, organisations and charities . 

The theme for this year’s mental health awareness week is “what people with mental illness want you to know “and it’s designed to help educate and bring awareness to those who may not understand what it’s like to have and live with a mental health illness. 

The more we are able to share our experiences and spread understanding the more we shatter stigma and open the lines of communication for conversations that need to be had. 

Looking out For your future self, but self care goes beyond just the activities that make you feel good . 
Self care is Knowing who you can turn to when you need help or support .

It also requires you to do the really boring things, like making that dentist appointment you’ve been putting off, practicing good hygiene and going to bed at a reasonable time . 
Self-care requires you to check in on yourself on a daily basis and really listen to watch your needs and feelings are for that day or maybe even just for that moment. 

Being a part of a community responding to your needs and connecting yourself through self-care is extremely important to maintaining your physical , spiritual and mental well-being . 

Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness , reaching out asking for help takes courageous and strength ! 

You can text “HOME” TO 85258 from anywhere in the United Kingdom , anytime. 
Crisis Text Line is there for any crisis. 
A live, trained Crisis Counsellor receives the text and responds, all from our secure online platform.

Anne Marie

Anne-Marie Kilgallon


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