The Whole Autism Family charity

- was born to offer help, support and guidance to families who are impacted by autism. 

photo of family group

As a family we had to battle for both our son's, Tolan and Fredi diagnosis, Fredi's diagnosis led us to campaign in parliament as part of why the wait campaign. Through this time we received very little support, and quickly became isolated.

We therefore set up 'The Whole Autism Family' as we didn’t want other families to be in the same position.

Autism has had a massive impact on everyone within our family and we believe it's important that everyone has access to the support network we provide, whether it be parents, carers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings.

You don’t need to have a diagnosis for your child to join us as we found we needed help long before Tolan received his diagnosis.

Anne-Marie Kilgallon

We aim to offer through our charity…

  • Provision of a support network for parents, carers, siblings and other individuals affected by autism.
  • To hold regular informal meetings providing an environment where all family members can come together to share experiences, develop without judgement, along with the opportunity to develop a support network. 
  • To have monthly professional guests, from a range of different services, including health care professionals, other charities and individuals to promote health and well being.
  • Raise awareness of autism, including the impact autism has on family life.
  • Promote increased awareness of autistic spectrum disorder within the community. We aim to publish a quarterly newsletter so the wider community is aware of the latest news within autism, updates and events that are taking place
  • Involve local community in raising awareness by encouraging them to attend social events.

None of this would be possible without the hard work of our committee members.

Meet the Trustees

Anne-Marie Kilgallon


Amanda Buckley



I initially joined the charity as a member, attending social mornings for support, very quickly I realised that I wanted to do more, I want to spread as much awareness as possible as a parent of a child on the spectrum myself I know how vital awareness is, and speaking to other families who are on the same journey as my family are on, my aim is to do some campaigning, I am wanting to help support families who require support, it has become apparent on my own journey that you almost have to beg, and fight for what your child needs, I don't believe we should have to fight for what our children are entitled to, so this is my aim to help as many families as I can.

Janine Booth
Vice Chair


I got involved in the charity in 2014 as a parent with a child with autism. I soon became involved within the charity becoming the vice chair in 2016. One of my main reasons for volunteering my time was to help other families facing similar situations as mine. To help spread more awareness of autism, as from my personal experiences more compassion and understanding was needed to help my son navigate the outside world.

Dawn Pitt



I first became aware of the whole autism family when they started hosting Lego clubs which I took my son to. I'm very active in the SEN world, organising lots of events for our children to do. I'm IPSEA legally trained and the council for disabled children independent supporter trained. Together we can change the world one step at a time.

Martin Kilgallon
Legal advisor


Anna Parker



Hi my name is Anna and I got involved with TWAF after my oldest was diagnosed with ASC 7 years ago. I wanted to meet families in the same boat as us and want to help raise awareness of ASC in girls and the siblings of children with ASC.

Dominic Foster



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