Now as a Registered Charity we are looking at ways to extend our support by engaging more with our dads and male carers by hosting a number of events that we hope you can all benefit from. We all know that living with autism isn’t easy, but finding out about it and learning from others experiences should be.

Fathers and male carers do tend to be under-represented when it comes to support services or shared experiences, with mothers attending most of the groups/education/diagnosis sessions or assessments. This is an observation made by a number of support groups and published papers with most of the current understanding of ASD parents’ experience coming from mothers.

Fathers tend to not see their own worries and concerns as sufficiently important or legitimate to raise and therefore bottle them up and tend to take longer to reach a state of acceptance when it comes to the “family norm”. Formal support groups are generally not favoured by fathers as they lack a “personal feel” and dads find it difficult to open up in these environments which tend to feel clinical.

This group has been set up to provide a more social forum where fathers can discuss with each other their worries and concerns and talk in an environment with others who understand their perspective, their frustrations, their guilt, their triumphs and hopefully support each other on their journey to acceptance as well as signposting each other to various services, strategies and institutions, all whilst enjoying typical male banter . 

There is lots of support and advice out there to help you make sense of the world of autism. Charities, support groups, and specialist service providers, are available to share advice and experience whenever you need it. Our website is constantly growing and improving as new resources become available. we hope that this will be a valuable resource for you all

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